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At the Community Counseling Center, we can help you face PTSD and provide a support network for your success.


Overcoming any situation is made easier with people you trust. We're here to provide a solid foundation of trust and reliable counseling to build your support network.

Find the help you need to understand and overcome traumatic situations. Our counselors are positioned to help you deal with PTSD from a variety of situations.


Don't face PTSD on your own. Seek help and find solace in understanding your unique situations with effective counseling.

Coping with traumatic situations

Find the help you need.

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Facing PTSD with a strong support system

Every individual is unique and we provide faith-based counseling service that focuses on the specific, individual needs of every person and their situation.


You can overcome PTSD with the help from our counselors and find a peaceful and reliable place to seek advice.

Individual and personal counseling

You can find strong, faith-based counseling for anything life can throw at you. We provide counseling services for marriage, individual adults, children and adolescents.

Faith-based counseling for all of life's situations